When the English Fall

The term "English" is used to describe anyone who is not a member of the Amish Order community.  The narrative takes the form of a journal written by an Amish farmer named Jacob over the two months of the disintegration of the non-Amish surrounding communities after an apocolyptic event which renders most modern technology useless.  As the Amish do not rely on such technology, they are able to carry on quite well, for a while, even sharing their surplus with the city folk who have no means of growing food or transporting vital supplies.  In their desperation, the "English" start to invade the Amish farms, taking all their food and supplies, and killing whole families.  In the wake of this total societal breakdown, Jacob and his neighbors must decide the course of their future survival. The book provides a unique, intimate look inside the Amish family and its day-to-day activities as well as how the community lives out its values. An enjoyable, illuminating read.

When the English fall : a novelBy Williams, David (David Gerald), 1969-

"When the English Fall takes its place in the landscape of post-collapse survivalist fiction as satisfying as a puzzle piece clicking into a gap. You'll read it and wonder how you never realized it was missing."-cover comment by author Kevin Brockmeier

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