The Velveteen Daughter : A Novel

The Velveteen Daughter is a fictionalized account of the life of Margery Williams Bianco, author of the beloved childhood book, The Velveteen Rabbit.  Her daughter, Pamela Bianco, is pictured on the cover as a 17-year old in her art studio.  Pamela was a child prodigy artist who became world-famous at a very young age due to her industrious and over-bearing father, Franceso Bianco, a London antiquarian book shop owner.  He introduced her to the art world, set up gallery events for her, and commissioned illustration work—little Pamela was an important source of the family’s income.  While Pamela loved her art, she also lived in it to the extent that she never developed a real life or a real self identity. She suffered bouts of severe depression and melancholia, sometimes abandoning her work altogether. The life of this early 20th century family is brilliantly and seamlessly pieced together by primary source research on the part of the author, using personal letters and archives of some the better known artists and authors of that period. This novel is a totally engaging and illuminating read and is highly recommended by this reader.

The velveteen daughter : a novelBy Huber, Laurel Davis author.

"The first book to reveal the true story of the woman who wrote The Velveteen Rabbit and her daughter, a world-famous child prodigy artist, (The Velveteen Daughter) explores the consequences of early fame, the effects of mental illness on art and genius, and the inability of a mother to save her daughter from herself." (Publisher annotation)

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