So Much Things to Say : The Oral History of Bob Marley

This wonderful book is an oral history of the life of Bob Marley (1945-1981), lovingly pieced together from personal knowledge and  information shared in interviews conducted over several decades (more than 75 in all). Steffens is a Marley expert, having collected the largest known archive of material about Bob Marley and the Wailers.  Steffens spoke extensively with Marley’s band members and back-up singers, band managers and personal associates as well as life-long friends, rivals and lovers who have never gone on record before.  Steffens travelled with the Wailers for a time in the late 1970’s and maintains an easy familiarity with his subject.  He lets the people talk about their personal memories of life with Marley over the years from his rough childhood and many set-backs to eventual success in Jamaica and then on the international scene.  Marley’s dedication to his craft and non-stop hard work to perfect his message shine through all the testimony and stories shared, resulting in a full picture of the man and the legend he became.  Sadly, Bob Marley died of cancer at the too young age of 36. This book allows the reader to be a part of the story of this beloved artist and freedom fighter.

So much things to say : the oral history of Bob Marley By Steffens, Roger, author, photographer.

"There has never been and will never be anything quite like this: reggae's chief eyewitness, dropping testimony on reggae's chief prophet with truth, blood, and fire." -Marlon James (cover annotation)

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