Same Family, Different Colors : Confronting Colorism in America's Diverse Families

This quick and compelling read is rich with scores of interviews to support the author's in-depth analysis of skin color (which she calls "colorism") and family attitudes toward the endless variety of hues which appear in our children. Separate chapters are devoted to African Americans, Latinos, Asian, and the ever-increasing mixed-race family; Tharps' research reveals some surprising and seldom-discussed norms that exist in each of these cultures. Some families play favorities among children, doting on ones with lighter skin; yet even in families that don't make a big deal out of individual color differences wonder how to coach children on what they will inevitably confront outside the protection of home.  Such wide-spread cruelty can leave growing children with scars that will last a lifetime.  The book contains an extensive source bibliography and each chapter ends with a helpful sidebar filling in useful historical and colloquial information for the reader.  "Groundbreaking and urgent, Same Family, Different Colors is a solution-seeking journey to the heart of identity politics, so that this more subtle 'cousin to racism', in the author's words, will be exposed and confronted." I enjoyed this eye-opening and positive book.

Same family, different colors : confronting colorism in America's diverse familiesBy Tharps, Lori L.

"...the first book on colorism to take us inside African American, Latino, Asian, and interracial families as they speak candidly about how the politics of skin color shape their family dynamics and lives. Lori Tharp explores this taboo and urgent subject with courage, vision, and great sensitivity." -Michael Eric Dyson (from the cover)

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