One of my favorite parts of working at the library is learning about new books from people! A coworker once mentioned Anthony Browne as one of her favorite picture book authors for storytimes, specifically because of the artwork. Anthony Browne's artwork is crisp and clean, with a somewhat eerie style, and oftentimes he plays with patterns and hides clever details in the backgrounds.
My favorite book of his is "Piggybook," in which not only is the art is funny, but the message is also spot on. The story follows the Piggott family through their daily routines. Mr. Piggott and his sons Simon and Patrick move through the world like pigs, expecting Mrs. Piggott to cook and clean and do everything for them, with no thanks, in addition to her own job. When they return one day to see she has disappeared, with no one to help them, they transform into pigs and realise they can't make it without her. Little details around the house, like engravings on the mantel, or wallpaper patterns, all switch over to pigs too, though you have to look for them. When Mrs. Piggott returns, everyone helps out with the housework in different ways, for a more equitable distribution of labor.
Not only is this book funny and thought provoking, the artwork has enough detail that you could read it over and over and still find new pigs each time! Check it out and read it with your young ones!

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