Oh, Lewis!

Oh, Lewis!By Rice, Eve

"Oh, Lewis!" is a short, simple story of a child whose winter clothing keeps coming undone or going lost, only to have his mother help with it, as Lewis, his sister, and his mother go on errands around town. What makes this book fun besides the cute story, is the window into a different way of living than you normally see depicted in contemporary picture books ("Oh, Lewis!" was written in 1974). Lewis’s family takes the bus into town and goes to the baker and the butcher to pick up food they need.

While this might seem antiquated, not only is it a fun way to learn about ways that families did errands in decades past, but such ways of living are still possible in our community, with bakers such as Terry Bakery and the butcher counter at Dos Hermanos, both in downtown Ypsilanti, close to the bus station. Our community offers us the same kind of opportunities that many people think you can only read about in books!

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