That Night

That nightBy Stevens, Chevy

Toni Murphy and her boyfriend Ryan are high school sweethearts, living in a small town on Canada’s Vancouver Island. Toni is bedeviled by former friend Shauna and her buddies, bullies all, and is relieved to finally graduate. Shortly after graduation, however, during an evening when Toni and Ryan are out with Toni’s younger sister Nicole, the girl is brutally murdered. Toni and Ryan are arrested, tried, and sent to prison for 15 years, their convictions based largely on the false testimony of Shauna and friends. The story, narrated by Toni, shifts smoothly between events leading up to Nicole’s murder, Toni’s time in prison, and her release and return to her hometown. Ryan, also released, convinces Toni that they need to find the real killer if they want any quality of life going forward. Toni’s relationship with her parents is an ongoing theme as well. This well-written audiobook, very capably narrated by Jorjeana Marie, will suck you in and keep you engaged until the very end.

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