The Mortifications : A Novel

Soledad Encarnación flees Cuba with her twin children, Isabel and Ulises during the Mariel Boatlift.  She leaves her husband, Uxbal, a political insurgent, behind, and bypasses Florida to settle in Connecticut.  She works as a court stenographer, Ulises excels at school, Isabel is drawn to her Catholic faith and caring for the dying. Eventually Soledad takes a lover, a Dutch tobacco farmer named Henri Willems who hires Ulises to learn the trade.  The deceptively harmonius family feels a bit askew, and gradually the fissures deepen with the author's skillful writing.  This is a character-driven, intricately detailed family tragedy--each member of the family is fully fleshed out by the omnicient narrator; the dramatic turn is the arrival of a letter from Uxbal in Cuba, which haunts them with memories and relentlessly drives the rest of the narrative.  

Mr. Palacio will be speaking at the library on Febrary 6th at 7:00 PM (Whittaker Road Community Room).  He will discuss and read from his book, and take audience questions.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet a very talented local author.

The mortifications : a novelBy Palacio, Derek, 1982-

"Derek Palacio's stunning, mythic novel marks the arrival of a fresh voice and a new chapter in the history of 21st century Cuban-American literature. Breathtaking, soulful, and profound, The Mortifications is an intoxicating family saga and a timely, urgent expression of longing for one's true homeland." PUB

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