Memory Man

This first in a new series by Baldacci introduces Amos Decker, a former police detective whose family was murdered just over a year ago. The first cataclysmic event in Decker’s life, some 20 years earlier, was a football injury that resulted in a changed brain; he developed a condition called hyperthymesia, which means he forgets nothing. A horrendous school shooting in Decker’s home town, and a man’s confession to the murder of Decker's family, prompt Decker to return to the police force temporarily to help with the investigations. Decker’s unique mind means he’s able to find clues that no one else sees. Eventually it becomes clear that the two crimes are connected. This is a fast-paced thriller, and listeners will root for this offbeat, socially inept hero. Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy narrate.

Memory man [sound recording]By Baldacci, David

Former police detective Amos Decker, who has the rare ability to remember everything he experiences in great detail, returns to the force to investigate two heinous crimes.

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