Medical School for Everyone: Grand Rounds Cases

This is my first experience listening to a Great Courses production, and I’m hooked. The lecturer of this 12-disc set is Dr. Roy Benaroch, who is a pediatrician and a professor at Emory University in Atlanta. He provides 24 30-minute lectures, presenting real cases that have taken place in emergency departments and clinics. The patient’s case is outlined, with the initial complaint stated. The doctor determines current symptoms and medical history, and conducts a physical exam. He explains along the way how he’s making decisions, and which tools, including blood tests and radiology, will best help him reach a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is reached, treatment strategies are discussed. From babies to seniors, the patients present a wide range of symptoms, including rashes, dizzy spells, chronic fever, blurry vision, headache, persistent cough, and fatigue. A lot of really useful medical information is conveyed in each case, so this is a great learning experience as well as a riveting audio program. Dr. Benaroch is a great speaker, very relaxed and down to earth, and he talks as if he’s telling stories rather than teaching medicine. Listeners will learn how doctors think, and how best to communicate with them when the need arises. A 195-page book accompanies the set, describing the highlights of each case and defining key terms, so if you’d rather learn the diagnosis as each case unfolds, leave the book for last.

Medical school for everyone : [sound recording] grand rounds casesBy Benaroch, Roy.

A doctor presents 24 medical cases to illustrate how doctors think and make decisions.

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