Lola is the girlfriend of Garcia, the head of an up-and-coming Latino gang called the Crenshaw Six. Their success dealing drugs and controlling territory in Los Angeles gets them notice by a drug cartel.  Before that deal can happen, Garcia must eliminate the competetition; failure to do so will result in the elimination of his girl Lola.  Lola is tough and smart, playing her role of loyal and subservient mate while all the while it is she who is the real leader of the gang.  From this vantage point, she watches friend and foe alike for slip-ups and potential betrayals.  She puts together a plan which will ensure the success of her gang, and save her own life. This is an exciting, fast-paced action thriller which does not disappoint the reader.

Lola : a novelBy Love, Melissa Scrivner author.

"A propulsive, intensely gripping crime thriller about murder, ambition, and an unforgettable woman unlike anyone else in fiction."-jacket annotation

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