Literary Wonderlands : A Journey Through the Greatest Fictional Worlds Ever Created

Learn the backstories and origins of  fantastic imaginary places of popular fiction through literary history.  The book is divided by time periods: up to 1700, 1701-1900, 1901-1945, 1946-1980, and 1981 to the present.  The essays describe the settings in detail, along with background about each author and various factors that might have influenced the creation, such as current world events or personal tragedies.

Literary Wonderlands is lavishly illustrated with reproductions of works of art which appeared either in the original publications or were inspired by characters or events in the books.  Many titles might be unfamiliar to readers, but there are plenty of well-known and beloved books included; it is quite a treat to gain such insight into the lives of these authors and the magical places they created for us.

Literary wonderlands : a journey through the greatest fictional worlds ever created

"Like a brave heroine or stalwart adventurer, setting takes a leading role in many a beloved literary work. Middle-earth, Oz and Narnia are fully realized worlds that readers can map with their imaginations. These and other sensational sites are celebrated in Literary Wonderlands, an unforgettable expedition to 90-plus places made famous in fiction and poetry". -BookPage annotation. December 2016

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