Kill 'em and Leave : Searching for James Brown and the American Soul

James Brown is one of the most influential musicians in American music history, as well as one of the most reviled for some of his less savory behaviors.  McBride digs deep and exhaustively into Brown’s life, talking to many contacts in the music business who know McBride as a fellow-musician, and to the few individuals who got close enough to earn Brown’s trust.  Brown had a vast organization, and several wives, so McBride followed tips from source to source, keeping the reader apprised as well as filling in with his own knowledge of their shared Southern roots. Of particular interest is Brown's mentorship of the now Reverend Al Sharpton.  McBride’s relaxed, personal writing style eases the reader through Brown’s hardscrabble early days to his zenith, and ultimately to his displacement by disco and rap. Highly recommended by this reader.

McBride's other books include The Good Lord Bird, Song Yet Sung, Miracle at Santa Anna, and The Color of Water.

Kill 'em and leave : searching for James Brown and the American soulBy McBride, James, 1957-

"National Book Award winner James McBride goes in search of the "real" James Brown--and his surprising journey illuminates the ways in which our cultured heritage has been shaped by Brown's legacy."-Jacket

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