Just Another Jihadi Jane

Just Another Jihadi Jane is a story of two young Muslim teens growing up in England which reads like a memoir from the point of view of one of the girls; one can easily picture the entire narrative as something which actually happened to them, it is that realistically written.  It is, in fact, a pretty accurate portrait of what Muslims have to deal with in their daily lives.  It also allows us some insight into the Muslim Faith and its cultural expectations and on the misinterpretations of the nature of jihad, and just how radicalization can happen.  Jamilla and Ameena, who are best friends, make a brash decision to leave England after they graduate from school and join the Islamic cause in Syria.  As events unfold, their faith and their friendship will be severely challenged, with consequences which will determine the rest of their lives. Highly recommended by this reader.

Just another Jihadi JaneBy Khair, Tabish,

"Tabish Khair's novel brilliantly engages prejudices and preconceptions and turns them upside down. As did All Quiet on the Western Front, it reminds a new generation that heroism and sacrifice are not limited to one side in a conflict, and that the first victims of a murderous regime are those who live within it." [Jacket]

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