Newcomer Joe Ide has written an impressive first novel, a suspenseful, amateur private-eye tale that just begs for a series.  The action is in South Central LA, where the author grew up; the familiarity lends authenticity to his story and characters.  Isaiah Quintabe (IQ for short) is a young man with a genius IQ but a troubled existence.  He was an eye-witness to a hit-and-run which killed his older brother, and he is determined to find the murderer.  In the meantime, to avoid a life of crime, he supports himself  (barely) as an amateur unlicensed private eye (partnered with a sketchy sidekick named Dodson) with a sliding scale fee structure: a hero to his neighbors. He is offered a lucrative, complicated case to identify someone trying to assassinate a popular rap star, and has plenty of potential suspects. The story is fast-paced with thrilling action and amusing side-steps and treacherous detours:  IQ is the real deal, an exciting new detective  in crime fiction.



IQBy Ide, Joe

"Joe Ide's IQ is a wondrous double helix of mean-street savvy entwined with classical detection, like Conan Doyle as channeled through Martin Scorsese. It's a terrific book".-Stephen Hunter, cover annotation

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