The Invisible Guardian

Not for the squeamish, The Invisible Guardian (2013) is a psychological thriller in the vein of season one of TV's "True Detective." Written by internationally best-selling Spanish author Dolores Redondo, whose haunting prose transports us to Spain's Basque Country, where myths and legends have been kept alive for generations.  Amaia Salazar is a detective assigned to return to her hometown of Elizondoto to catch a serial killer; the locals believe the murders are the work of the basajuan, a mythical wood monster known as the invisible guardian. Amaia has never been able to forget the horrors of growing up there, and it seems she will be forced to confront those old demons as she investigates the gruesome killings, as long-repressed memories resurge, and tensions emerge in the ranks of her investigative team.  The reader walks a tightrope with Amaia, and the author keeps up a relentless pressure in her masterful thriller.  

The Invisible Guardian is the first book in the Baztán trilogy, and this reader cannot wait for the next volume.  

The invisible guardian : a novelBy Redondo, Dolores, 1969-

"Myth and reality blend and blur in this sophisticated and razor-sharp thriller. A gritty, fascinating, and compelling story."
(Steve Berry, from the cover)

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