The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions

So, if you live with or love cats, you will without a doubt love this book (if you are strictly a dog person, then maybe not so much). Thomas McNamee has a keen eye for observation of the way animals and humans interact. He is also a strong advocate for the humane treatment of animals, holding that it is our obligation to help them achieve their best possible lives.  Throughout his book, McNamee tells the story of a kitten named Augusta, who was abandoned on a country road in the winter, found and adopted by the author and his wife, who attempted to understand her behavior and needs.  His innate curiosity motivates him to contact several cat experts and researchers for in-depth interviews about felines and how they communicate—just what secrets lie behind their inscrutable mysterious eyes. Weaving personal narrative and science allows McNamee to convey a great deal of information about cats without sounding like a “how-to” manual.  His strong bond with Augusta helps us better understand our own feline companions.

The inner life of cats : the science and secrets of our mysterious feline companionsBy McNamee, Thomas, 1947-

"The Inner Life of Cats is filled with shining prose, moments of sheer cat joy--and intimate, careful scientific observation. Thomas McNamee's naturalist's eye, combined with his humor and heart, brings the always wild, yet domesticated cat into delightful, insightful focus." --cover annotation by Cat Warren, author of What the Dog Knows

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