Imagine Wanting Only This

Graphic artist Kristen Radtke has given us a visually stunning memoir about loss, and the ruins we leave behind. After college, she is struggling to find her place both in life and in her personal relationships.  She has always been especially close to her Uncle Dan, and when he unexpectedly dies after surgery, she is devastated.  She develops a morbid fascination with ruined spaces as she is experiencing Dan’s death as a personal loss as well as a portent of something that might happen to her.  She can only relate to death and despair, so takes off on an existential exploration of ruined historical sites around the world, trying to understand the fragility of life. She has put her own relationship with fiancé Andrew, who she met in college, on hold to go on this  journey.  A courageously intimate examination of life’s essential conundrum.

Imagine wanting only thisBy Radtke, Kristen

"Riveting and glorious. A book of sorrow filtered through intellect; in Kristen Radtke's hands, nonfiction becomes poetry. A tremendous achievement." -Tom Hart, author of Rosalie's Lightning

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