I We Were Villains

The story is set at an elite Shakespearean conservatory somewhere in Illinois, and centers on a close-knit group of fourth-year students. They live a rather bohemian life, often retaining their roles off-stage and talking to one another in iambic pentameter.  We learn right away that there was a murder at the school: a retiring detective asks the young man, Oliver Marks, who just served a 10-year sentence for the crime, to share the real story—he has long suspected that there was much more to the crime. So Oliver agrees to share all the details, which creates a fast-paced psychological thriller. In the retelling, we see how the players become obsessed with their on-stage roles, acting out the dangerous emotional sides of their characters with one another. All this conflict finally explodes, and when one of their group is found dead, which one of them can claim to be blameless.? Lots of twists and surprises.

If we were villainsBy Rio, M. L. author.

"Much like Donna Tartt's The Secret History, M. L. Rio's sparkling debut is a richly layered story of love, friendship, and obsession. Expertly plotted, beautifully written, If We Were Villains will keep you riveted through its final, electrifying moments."-cover annotation

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