How-To Videos for Kids

Watch these videos to learn about online library resources. Then, test your skills! Each video is followed by a few practice questions.

Basic Catalog Search

The library catalog has information about every item that the library owns! In this video, you will learn how to search the catalog for a book, see if it's available, and learn how to put a book on hold.


Advanced Searching in the Catalog

Now that you know the basics, learn how to do a subject search to find lots of books on a topic and how to find specific formats, like movies.


TumbleBook Library

We even have online resources for young library users! TumbleBook Library, which features interactive storybooks and games, is a great resource for emerging readers.


Muzzy Online

Start learning a new language today! This short video will show you how to get started with Muzzy Online, a language-learning program.

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The gun roomBy Harding, Georgina, 1955-
The memory of war will stay with a man longer than anything else. Dawn, mist clearing over the rice fields, a burning Vietnamese village, and a young war photographer gets the shot that might make his career. The image, of a staring soldier in the midst of mayhem, will become one of the great photographs of the war. But what he has seen in that village is more than he can bear, and he flees.... Read more
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