The Heart Goes Last

This story opens with young marrieds Stan and Charmaine living out of their car, which gives them more shelter than many others have. Society has largely collapsed, both economically and socially. Roving gangs are a constant threat, and the couple’s sole income is from Charmaine’s part-time waitressing job. When they hear about the Positron Project, offering residents housing, food, jobs, and safety, they jump at the chance. The catch is that, every other month, Stan and Charmaine live in a sex-segregated prison while another couple lives in their home. Oh and, once they join the community, they can never leave. Charmaine stumbles into an affair with the man who shares their house, and Stan obsesses about the man’s wife. All is not as rosy as it seems in the Positron Project, and both Stan and Charmaine find themselves thrust into a battle not of their doing or choosing. Dark humor abounds in this dystopian satire, while Atwood imparts serious messages about topics such as freedom, blind obedience, and love. Charmaine in particular is an engaging character, and narrator Cassandra Campbell gives a memorable performance in depicting both her ditziness and increasing complexity. Mark Deakins capably narrates as Stan. Atwood continues to be an inventive, razor-sharp author.

The heart goes last : [sound recording] a novelBy Atwood, Margaret, 1939-

A young couple, trying to survive in a dangerous, dystopian world, agree to live in a town where things are not as they appear.

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