Gwendy's Button Box

If you’re up for a short powerful dose of creepy, this book is for you!  Ready-for-middle-school Gwendy Peterson regularly climbs the steep staircase in the park known as Suicide Stairs in attempt to slim down before school starts again. One day at the top, she meets a stranger who persuades her to accept a gift he calls the button box, which has a colored button for each area of the world, and an extra red one with no particular destination attached. It also has a lever that dispenses a magic chocolate which helps her lose weight, and another which contains valuable silver dollars.  As the steward of this box, Gwendy’s life and that of those around her changes, mostly for the good.  The box has the ability to destroy any part of the world or anyone at her whim; she can become rich by cashing in the silver dollars.  Gwendy has nightmares about the man in the black bowler hat, but has to deal with the temptations of the button box no matter what.

Gwendy's button boxBy King, Stephen, 1947- author.

"The novella follows Gwendy through high school and beyond, capturing the golden-hued joy of childhood and the wonder of friendship and first love, all under the shadow of temptation. This bite-size gem of a story packs quite a punch, and the only complaint readers will likely have is that it isn’t longer. " PW Review 4/17

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