Ghetto : The Invention of a Place, The History of an Idea

The author covers the history of the term and the spaces called ghetto from 16th century Italy to the modern era. He discusses the European cities where Jews were forced to live together in isolated places in Venice and Rome all the way to the infamous Warsaw ghetto, which was witnessed by W. E. B. Dubois on a visit to Poland. Duneier then presents the work of several modern black sociologists studying the sociological issues of systemic racism in the United States: including Horace Cayton, who linked the Jewish and black ghettos in the era of racial covenants; Kenneth Clark in the civil rights era who called the black ghetto dwellers “subjects of social work colonialism”; William Julius Wilson’s economic work in Chicago during the Reagan era; innovative educator Geoffrey Canada in New York’s Harlem.  An illuminating overview of a complicated current issue, which Mitchell Duneier attributes to a moral failure of white Americans. 

Ghetto : the invention of a place, the history of an ideaBy Duneier, Mitchell author.

"By expertly resurrecting the history of the ghetto from Venice to the present, Duneier's Ghetto provides a remarkable new understanding of an age-old concept. He concludes that if we are to understand today's ghettos--including the recent events in Ferguson--the Jewish and black ghettos of the past should not be forgotten." Publisher annotation

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