Fun with Dude and Betty

Fun with Dude and BettyBy Pliscou, Lisa.

One thing is certain, Dude and Betty are not Dick and Jane! While Fun with Dude and Betty is done in caricature of the old Dick and Jane readers that is where the similarities end. For one, Dude is a surfer, and Betty a “surf bunny”. Using surf terminology along with simple grammar (Yowzer! Surf Dude surf) this reader is fun for children and adults alike. The surf speak may challenge its authority as a true early reader, as I am sure in no other early reader would you find the sentence “Bud is harshing on Dude’s mellow”, but that’s what makes it great. An ordinary early reader this is not. I was highly amused, and my son found the uniqueness of the language very entertaining. Soon we were both laughing aloud as we read our way through Dude and Betty’s day. I found this book on accident, and I’m so glad I did. If you don’t mind surf terminology and enjoy some merriment this is truly non-bogus read!

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