The Fourteenth Goldfish

 “Middle school is like one of those highway restrooms in the middle of nowhere. It’s dirty and smelly and it’s crowded with strange people.”

Middle school is awkward and not fun for Ellie. She is just beginning 6th grade and suddenly her best friend doesn’t have time for her anymore. And then to top it off, one night her mom brings home a strange teenage boy. That 13-year-old boy turns out to be Ellie’s grandfather, the brilliant scientist Melvin Sagarsky who discovered a cure for senescence; or in layman’s terms, a cure for growing old.

At only 195 pages this book tackles so many different subjects perfectly: love, family, life and death, friendship, immortality, ethics, science, change. And there’s more! The author also gets a plug in for Galileo, Oppenheimer, Jonas Salk, Marie Curie and other scientists.

So if you’re a kid or an adult looking for a fun, fast-paced read pick this one up. It’s funny, thought-provoking and has lots and lots of heart. My parent/child book group read it and we all loved it.   

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