The Flight of the Silvers

Earth as we know it comes to a crashing end, but six lucky people are saved by virtue of silver bracelets placed on their wrists beforehand by exotic strangers. The six find themselves on an alternate version of earth, where they have few friends and many enemies. The group, called the Silvers, includes sisters Hannah and Amanda Given, an actress and a nurse; artist Zach; shy teenager Mia; troubled genius Theo; and brilliant Australian teenager David. They discover they each have special powers, such as precognition and time manipulation. The main characters are interesting and appealing, and create strong bonds with each other despite some mistrust and tensions as they navigate their strange new world. Although it’s long at 17 discs, listeners will not want this audiobook--the first in a planned trilogy--to end. Narrator Rich Orlow turns in a wonderful performance.

The flight of the silvers [sound recording]By Price, Daniel, 1970-

Six survivors from our Earth find themselves living on an alternate Earth, where cars fly, time can be reversed, and they have many enemies.

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