The Firebrand and the First Lady : Portrait of a Friendship : Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Struggle for Social Justice

A chance encounter in 1933 at an installation for struggling unemployed women during the Depression began a lifetime of interactions between Pauli Murray (1910-1985) and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962).  Although a college graduate, Murray ran up against discrimination as a woman in the workplace and racial attitudes that would haunt her throughout her career as an civil rights activist, lawyer, poet and in later life an Episcopalisn priest. She wrote numerous letters to President Roosevelt, always copying Mrs. Roosevelt or her personal secretary, in efforts to effect public policy. Eleanor Roosevelt and Pauli Murray developed an enduring friendship over the lifetime course of this correspondence, as well as great respect and care for one another's opinions and personal welfare. The book's author, Professor Patricia Bell-Scott, has created a well-researched and highly relatable book based on the Murray/Roosevelt letters which is fascinating to read as a biography, also as a window into a volitile time period in United States history.  

The firebrand and the First Lady : portrait of a friendship : Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the struggle for social justiceBy Bell-Scott, Patricia

An important, groundbreaking book--two decades in work--that tells the story of the unlikely but history-changing twenty-eight-year bond forged between Pauli Murray (granddaughter of a mulatto slave, who, against all odds, as a lesbian black woman, became a lawyer, civil rights pioneer, Episcopal priest, poet, and activist) and Eleanor Roosevelt (First Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1948 and human rights internationalist) that critically shaped Eleanor Roosevelt's, and therefore FDR's, view of race and racism in America. Publisher Annotation

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