The Fire This Time : A New Generation Speaks about Race

It is instructive to re-read James Baldwin’s 1963 The Fire Next Time (written on the 100th anniversary of  “emancipation”) and the collected essays in The Fire ThisTime together in order to contrast the state of race relations then and now.  Ward has collected 18 pieces from respected and thoughtful writers and thinkers of the modern era, who offer insightful opinions and reflections on the rash of recent events we have all heard about in the news, and testify as to what it means to be black in America in the 21st century.  As Baldwin called on Americans “to reject the delusion of the value placed in the color of skin”, Ward says “all these essays give me hope...that sharing our stories confirms our humanity (and it) creates community.”  Jesmyn Ward won the 2011 National Book Award for her novel, Salvage the Bones.

The fire this time : a new generation speaks about raceBy Ward, Jesmyn

"A groundbreaking anthology on race in America bringing together the most important voices of a new generation"...Baldwin's 'fire next time' is now upon us, and it needs to be talked about." (Publisher)

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