Finding Jake

Finding Jake [sound recording]By Reardon, Bryan

Simon Connolly faces a parent’s worst nightmare when a shooting takes place at the local high school, with 13 dead. His daughter Laney escapes harm, but 17-year-old son Jake is nowhere to be found. Jake’s friend Doug is identified as the main shooter, killing himself after the attack. But was there a second shooter? Could it have been Jake? The police, the media, and other parents are all convinced Jake was involved. Simon, an insecure stay-at-home dad, and wife Rachel, a lawyer, have been struggling in their marriage lately, and this crisis breaks them further apart. Chapters alternate between the aftermath of the shooting and vignettes from Jake’s childhood. The tension starts out and remains high throughout. I was so afraid that a co-worker who listened to this before me might slip and give away the ending that I avoided her for a week! Narrator George Newbern does a fine job, especially in conveying Simon’s increasingly frantic emotional state.

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