Did You Ever Have a Family

The opening chapter of this novel informs listeners up front about the tragedy that befalls June Reid a few hours before her only child is to be married: an explosion and house fire kills her daughter, the fiancé, June’s ex-husband, and her boyfriend Luke. Various minor and major characters, most being inhabitants of the small town of Wells, Connecticut, then weigh in on the event, from the wedding caterer to Luke’s mother Lydia, and we slowly learn about June’s difficult relationship with her daughter, the breakup of her marriage, and how she came to be involved with young ex-con Luke. A shell shocked June eventually drives west, landing in a small hotel in coastal Washington, where local residents find ways to care for this haunted stranger. Clegg presents a powerful story of love, sorrow, and human connection as he tries to answer the question of how one can possibly move forward after such a catastrophe. This unforgettable book has made its way onto many “best books of the year” lists. Narrated by the author.

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