The Dark Flood Rises

Although this chapterless novel requires some perseverance on the part of the reader, the rewards are rich as the author spends time with 70-something Fran Stubbs, who works as an inspector of care facilities for the elderly.  She is divorced (still cooks for ex-husband Claude, now  bed-ridden) and lives alone in a somewhat run-down apartment, swirling with memories.  Drabble creates many delightful characters: Poppit and Christopher, her children, and  her aging close friends Josephine and Teresa, also 80 year-old Bennett and his younger lover Ivor living out their days in the Canary Islands. Each is in the process of pondering life's great question--what is the purpose of this life and how will mine end? Christopher has just lost his wife, Sara, and spends time grieving with his old colleague Bennett on the islands. Well, as Fran puts it "old age is a fucking disaster" and so it plays out in the lives of these wonderfully-drawn, clever and witty characters.  

The dark flood risesBy Drabble, Margaret, 1939-

"A heartfelt rumination on the process of ageing and [the] inevitability of death.....In this novel, the dark flood is death itself, but trust Margaret Drabble to take even the most worrisome of topics and make it witty, relatable and, most importantly, readable". -Rebecca Monks, from the jacket

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