Cuckoo Song

Cuckoo songBy Hardinge, Frances

Dear kids age 10 and up (and you too parents): READ THIS BOOK! Unfortunately the cover makes this book look creepier than it really is but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to a 10 year old. You may ask what genre this is….well, it’s historical fiction, fantasy, gothic horror, mystery, and sort of a fairy tale.
11 year-old Triss wakes up after an accident not knowing where she is or exactly who she is, but she realizes that something is terribly amiss. ”Mummy, help me, please help me, everything’s strange and nothing’s right, and my mind feels as if it’s made up of pieces and some of them are missing…”
If you want to find out more, READ THIS BOOK! It’s superbly written with prose that’s just, plain delicious. One of my favorite reviewers of children’s books, Betsy Bird from NYPL says in her review, “Taste the sentences on your tongue. Let them melt there. Then pick up your forks and demand more more more.”

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