When Bert Cousins, father of three with one on the way, meets Beverly Keating at her daughter Franny’s christening party, the eventual result is the dissolution of two marriages and the marriage of Bert and Beverly. The six children, four of whom live in California and the other two in Virginia, are all together in Virginia during summers, and this book tells of the bonds they forged with each other then and throughout their lives. Tragedy touches the families during the kids’ last summer together, and although there is very little talk of it, Franny, as an adult, tells the story to her lover, a famous novelist, who publishes a blockbuster book detailing the incident. Patchett skips around chronologically through some 50 years in the lives of these families, with some members’ stories told in more detail than others. She writes with humor and considerable empathy for her characters, even those who are most flawed. I have yet to listen to an Ann Patchett novel that disappoints. Hope Davis does an excellent job of narrating.

Commonwealth [sound recording]By Patchett, Ann

Tragedy binds together stepsiblings, whose tale is later told by the novelist lover of the youngest child.

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