Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom

This is such an absorbing read that I made quick work of it.  Although Winston Churchill and George Orwell never met, they lived at the same time period, and both strongly believed in the preeminent right of individual freedom. The author cleverly entwines their biographies with alternating chapters so we are at once immersed in the life and long political career of Churchill and his ultimately successful fight to win World War II as well as Orwell’s life-long struggle to understand the common man’s relationship with authoritarianism and to produce the novels Animal Farm and 1984. Concentrated on the critical years of the 1930’s and 1940’s, we see these two men rise from relative obscurity to become renowned for their courageous tenacity in pursuit of clear thinking and writing, based on facts, and unwavering commitment to oppose totalitarian governments.  The proof is in the details, and the author has enriched us with his research and insight into their lives and work.

Churchill and Orwell : the fight for freedomBy Ricks, Thomas E.

"It is the agreement that objective reality exists, that people of good will can perceive it and that other people will change their views when presented with the facts of the matter". -Thomas Ricks, p. 270

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