Jumping back and forth over 40 years in the lives of multiple characters may prove confusing at the start, but the eventual organic fusion will reward your patience.  The Christodora is an iconic East Village apartment building, home to Milly and Jared, both aspiring affluent artists in disparate stages of success. They adopt Mateo, whose single mother has died of AIDS--Mateo also has artistic talent, but gets horribly side-tracked by heroin addiction, ironically aided by Hector, a former AIDS activist turned meth addict who is also a Christodora resident.  These and other compelling and connected  characters witness the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, the confusion over effective drugs, and the destruction of lives and relationships. Author Tim Murphy has 20 years of experience as a journalist reporting on HIV/AIDS; his narrative is particularly realistic.

Christodora : a novelBy Murphy, Tim, author.

"Murphy has written The Bonfire of the Vanities for the age of AIDS, using the same reportorial skills as Tom Wolfe to re-create the changing decades, complete with a pitch-perfect deployment of period detail...A powerful evocation." -Publishers Weekly, from the jacket
"An intimate portrait of a bohemian family, Christodora is also capacious historical novel that vividly recreates the lost world of downtown Manhattan in the eighties--a nuanced portrait of an era in which artists were the unwitting agents of gentrification and the bright dawn of gay liberation was brutally interrupted by the AIDS epidemic." -Jay McInerney, from the jacket

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