The Bedlam Stacks

Pulley follows up her international bestseller fantasy, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street (2015) with this equally stunning tale set in the Peruvian Andes.  In the 1800’s, quinine was the only known cure for malaria, and Clements Markham was an actual English explorer  and author who unsuccessfully attempted an 1860 expedition to  Peru to steal cinchona tree cuttings. The rest of this story comes from the imagination of the author, based on extensive research of Peruvian and Inca  myths and culture. Merrick Tremayne is the wounded expeditionary soldier/botanist tasked by the India Office to accompany Markham  and return with cuttings “at any cost” to establish a reliable source of quinine.  After negotiating safe passage with a tenant farmer named Martel under the guise of searching for coffee beans to export, a local priest named Raphael leads them along the Andes to the holy town of Bedlam, where they take refuge in Raphael’s church.  Raphael knows their real quest, and tries to protect them and initiate them into the local customs, which are nothing short of fantastically bizarre (no spoilers).  Wonderful world-building, an intriguing plot and characters (especially Raphael) and adventures both wildly exciting and deadly. 

The Bedlam stacksBy Pulley, Natasha

"Surrounded by local stories of lost time, cursed woods, and living rock, Merrick must separate truth from fairytale and find out what befell the last expeditions; why the villagers are forbidden to go into the forest; and what is happening to Raphael, the young priest who seems to have known Merrick's grandfather, who visited Peru many decades before." Publisher annotation

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