Audacity Jones to the Rescue

Move over Anne Shirley, Harriet Welsch (Harriet the Spy, if you please!), and Eloise--there's a new spunky, resourceful heroine in town! 11 year old Audacity Jones, of Miss Maisie's School for Wayward Girls, reads voraciously, on all topics, which comes in handy when the roof needs repairing and such. She gets caught up in the adventure of a lifetime when Commodore Crutchfield whisks her off to Washington, D.C., for reasons unknown. Far away from her friends at the School in Swayzee, Indiana, Audacity must fend for herself while she puzzles out Commodore's reasons for needing "an orphan" and the actions of his mysterious chauffeur, Cypher. Meanwhile, in the White House, President Taft, Mrs. Taft and their son Charlie are preparing for their first New Years Eve festivities and their guests, some expected, some unexpected. Audacity soon realizes all is not well in the nation's capital but with help from the girls back home, Min the mystical cat, and some new friends, she'll soon solve the mystery. But will it be in time to save the day? Kirby Lawson (Hattie Big Sky) crafts another perfect read-aloud that will delight the whole family. But, as the preface warns, do not read if your "knees wobble at the mere mention of adventure, danger and derring-do..." Audacity Jones to the Rescue is suitable for ages seven and up. 

Audacity Jones to the rescueBy Larson, Kirby author.

Move over Anne Shirley, Harriet Welsch, and Eloise--there's a new spunky, resourceful heroine in town!

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