Another Brooklyn

Another Brooklyn's narrator is a woman of 30 years looking back at her life as a teenager growing up in Brooklyn in the 1970's.  Her name is August. Her father moves back to New York from Tennessee in the summer of  1973, bringing  along August (age 8) and her little brother (age 4), leaving their mother behind.  Mostly left on their own while their father is at work, they watch the action on the street through the window, especially the kids playing. After several years of being on the outside, August is finally accepted into a group of girls: Angela, Gigi, Sylvia and August form an inseparable bond of friendship and mutual protection against the dangers of the city, those seen and those waiting, unobserved.  Woodson explores the backstories of all these characters through memories flowing in and out of the present, woven into the fabric of  present events both tragic and magical. You will read this book in one sitting, and want to read it again.  

Jacqueline Woodson won a National Book Award for her young adult novel, Brown Girl Dreaming. 

Another Brooklyn : a novelBy Woodson, Jacqueline

"Another Brooklyn is heartbreaking and restorative, a gorgeous paean to all we must leave behind on the path to becoming ourselves." --Tracy K. Smith
"Jacqueline Woodson sings memory. Her words like summer lightning get caught in my throat...a wild sea pausing in the wind." -Sister Sonia Sanchez

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