Age of Anger : A History of the Present

Noted journalist Pankaj Mishra is a regular contributor to several prestigious publications (The New Yorker, Bloomberg View, The New York Times Book Review and others) and the author of the well-regarded From the Ruins of Empire (2012). In Age of Anger: A History of the Present, he attempts to make sense of a world awash with violent indifference and insatiable hatred by searching for its roots in the eighteenth century, when the world began to modernize, exacerbating the vast wealth and power amassed by a few and the poverty of the masses.  Groups of people and demagogues laid blame on other groups, stigmatizing and dividing with little understanding of commonalities. Today, "(t)here is a pervasive panic, which doesn't resemble the centralized fear emanating from despotic power.  Rather, it is the sentiment, generated by the news media and amplified social media, that anything can happen anywhere to anybody at any time....The sense of a world spinning out of control....". How we got here is the subject of this immensely interesting book.

Age of anger : a history of the presentBy Mishra, Pankaj

" Making startling connections and comparisons, Age of Anger is a book of immense urgency and profound argument. It is a history of our present predicament unlike any other". -from the jacket

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