Garnering high compliments from all the major reviewers, Afterlife is an exciting new thriller with an engaging premise—there is an existence after living prior to fading off into death called the afterlife.  While in the afterlife, persons can be hovering just out of normal sight, witnessing friends and family still living their lives.  The main characters are both FBI agents, who, against regulations have begun a romantic relationship.  Claire is the head of a task force hunting a serial killer, and Will is an operative on her squad.  When Will is killed in an explosion, he comes to completely unharmed and is found by others in the afterlife.  He joins this group and learns how to survive against a marauding horde of individuals bent on their destruction.  Without giving too much away, Will sees that Claire is in grave danger in the real world, and he will do anything it takes to save her. Great writing from a wonderful storyteller (author of the Brilliance Trilogy) will keep you on edge until the last page.  Enjoy!

Note: Ron Howard will be producing a film based on this book. I'm looking forward to it.

AfterlifeBy Sakey, Marcus author.

"Ridiculously good...Sakey is the master of the mindful page-turner." cover note from Gillian Flynn
" Truly incredible. An epic, original vision. My brain is still bent." cover note from Blake Crouch

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