The Pushcart War

Here is a classic that will interest and amaze you.  The story is about the war between the pushcarts and the big trucks that plague New York City.  What a war it is!  You'll be entertained by the inventive and clever ways the pushcart owners fight against the drivers of the mega trucks that are becoming just too pushy and too numerous in the city.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how the "little guys" fight to hold their place in a large metropolitan city, and how the "big guys" eventually understand why they have to share space even though th

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

Are you looking for a wonderful adventure?  Here is a story that will appeal to all ages, but especially to young adults who are looking for role models and want to read about strong women characters.  Sybel is a young woman with the incredible power to call ancient and mythic beasts to her side.  How she deals with  power and the consequences of her choices when using this power over others forms the core of this story.  She's fascinating, mysterious, and powerful.  I guarantee you'll be thrilled to m

A time for dancing : a novel

Although this book is not new, it's one of those classic stories that everyone should read.  It is a tender portrayal of two young friends on the brink of starting college.  Having been best friends forever, Samantha and Julianna or as everyone calls them, Sam and Jules are seldom apart.  When you see one, you know the other is not far behind.  During the summer before their last year of high school, they are looking forward to choosing between either college or a dancing career!  Both are excited and anticipate that whatever they decide to do they will be doing

Y, the Last Man

It’s the summer of 2002 and all the males on the planet have fallen victim to a deadly plague, except for Yorick Brown and his pet monkey. Now Yorick’s politician mother wants to protect him, a neo-Amazon tribe of women wants to kill him, and Yorick wants to find his girlfriend and figure out why he survived. Titles in the ten-volume series won multiple Eisner awards for achievement in American comic books.

Rockin' the Bronx

Get a visceral taste of the Irish immigrant experience in the Bronx, New York in the early 1980’s in Kirwan’s (lead singer of Black 47) latest. Musician Sean Kelly leaves Ireland to search for his girlfriend Mary and is sucked into the seedy, bruising tenement life of fellow immigrants Mary, Kate and Danny struggling with poverty, drugs, racial and ethnic tensions and the local music scene of the Bainbridge Avenure Irish bars.  Author Thomas Keneally calls the book “Angela’s Ashes for a new generation”—a great read.


Two doctors are attempting to recreate near-death experiences (NDEs) with drugs as part of a research project to determine why the dying brain produces NDEs. When they can't get enough test subjects one of the doctors, Joanna, volunteers herself.  Finally, after all her research Joanna can experience the phenomenon first-hand, but going under leads to more questions than answers.

Need You Now

The Nashville trio Lady Antebellum was the 2009 Country Music Award’s Vocal Group of the Year, and “I Run to You” was CMA’s 2009 Single of the Year. They have followed up their self-titled debut with something of a pop crossover in “Need You Now”. The single was their second #1 hit, and CMA’s 2010 Single Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Video of the Year.

The Stress of Her Regard

An award winner when first published in 1989, The Stress of Her Regard attempts to explain how real events in the lives of several 19th century English Romantic writers (Lord Byron, Percy and Mary Shelley, John Keats and others) were influenced by the sometimes good, sometimes evil powers of various vampires, fairies, Lamia, and succubi. This “secret history” involves Dr.

Leave Your Sleep

Natalie Merchant’s newest studio album is a gem of creative collaboration, combining musical styles as varied as Cajun and chamber music, Celtic and jazz to present 30 new poem-songs adapted from British and American poetry, recorded in a series of live ensemble workshops. Lots to enjoy here!

Love and War Masterpeace

It’s easy to wrap your inner “what’s goin’ on?” around this ambitious and compelling 2-CD project, DeVaughn’s third.  This time he taps artists Jill Scott, Damian Marley, Ludacris, Anthony Hamilton and others to explore relationships and the world in the midst of constant war.  Add Dr. Cornel West doing social commentary interludes for a powerful combo of R&B, jazz and hip-hop. Fresh off 2 Grammy nominations and a BET Award, Raheem DeVaughn has another likely winner in Masterpeace.

Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally

For a year, this husband-wife team lived the “hundred-mile-diet," eating only food grown in that radius of home. They were alarmed at the 1500-mile average journey of a food item to their grocery store, with its emissions, pollution, and loss of nutrients.  Besides being helpful to the environment, their locavore diet would help the local farmers and the communities where they live. Living in British Columbia, Canada, though, isn’t as produce-prolific as, say, Salinas, California, and so their search for local sources took on some serious urgency.

The Graveyard Book

Somewhere in contemporary Britain, "the man Jack" uses his razor-sharp knife to murder a family, but the youngest, a toddler, slips away. The boy ends up in a graveyard, where the ghostly inhabitants adopt him to keep him safe. Nobody Owens, named because he "looks like nobody but himself," grows up among a multigenerational cast of characters from different historical periods that includes an opinionated young witch; and Bod's beloved mentor and guardian, Silas, who is neither living nor dead and has secrets of his own.

Planet Earth

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill nature documentary. Five years in the making, the series explores the animals and habitats of earth and lets you witness a piranha feeding frenzy, mating rituals of birds of paradise and a pride of lions on the hunt. Lots of amazing cinematography, so be sure to watch the special feature, "Planet Earth Diaries" to see how they captured these scenes on film. Don’t have time to watch all 11 episodes? Start with one of my favorites, “Ocean Deep”, to see a vampire squid and a dumbo octopus.

Scarpetta Factor

A young female murder victim at the morgue...the sudden disappearance of a financial advisor.....a Christmas card and phone call from a former mental there a connection between them or is it just coincidence?

My Name is Mary Sutter

Mary Sutter is a young midwife in 19th century Albany. Her renowned skills do nothing to help her attain what she really wants, however: training as a surgeon. But the Civil War changes everything. Mary volunteers as a nurse in Washington, D.C. and eventually is taken under the wing of surgeon William Stipp, an older man who falls in love with his talented pupil. Mary also develops a relationship with surgeon James Blevins, the very one who denied her an apprenticeship in Albany.