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El Deafo

In the growing genre of comics called “Graphic Medicine” most books are oriented towards grown ups. However, there are at least a handful of “Graphic Medicine” comics for kids to read. In many ways, these books could be even more helpful to children, for whom medical situations could be even more traumatic.

Dental Kit

Perhaps it is time for your child's first trip to the dentist. Maybe your class is working on a first-grade health unit. Whatever the occasion, this dental kit can supply all your educational needs.The kit contains the picture book titled Open Wide by Laurie Keller, 3 posters describing good dental hygiene and the tooth's anatomy, a dental chart, a model of a tooth complete with oversized toothbrushes, and much more!  

God got a dog

God got a dog, God got cable and God went to beauty school. These are 3 of the 16 scenarios in this short, sweet and funny book by award-winning author Cynthia Rylant and award-winning illustrator Marla Frazee. God experiences childlike wonder in the beauty of everyday life:

God went to India
To see the elephants.
God adores elephants.
He thinks they are
the best thing
He ever made.
They do everything
He hoped for:
They love their children,
they don’t kill,
they mourn their dead.

The Post Office Book : Mail and How it Moves

Gail Gibbons has a great series of books that shows how things work, using simple, fun, cartoon-like illustrations that while in some ways plain, also have a lot of detail. I first saw a book of hers, Department Store, at the Friends of the library book sale. It is definitely worth checking out. That book takes you through the day of a department store, in all the departments and with great detail.

Big Time Rush. Season One.

The guys from BTR join the library's collection with season 1 (in 2 parts).  Relive the fun as they get ready for their album release, embark on a media tour, and plan a dance party that would make Cinderella blush.  Rushers, rejoice!  

One Came Home

Part mystery, part history, this well-crafted tale of a young girl's determination to find out what happened to her older sister deservedly won a 2014 Newbery Honor and has been nominated for an Edgar Award (for the best juvenile mystery). Georgie refuses to accept the truth--that her sister ran away from home, was killed two weeks later, and her body is now being lowered into the ground. Georgie sets out to follow the path her sister took with only her shooting skills to steady her, a stubborn mule to teach her patience, and her sister's former beau to guide her.

Breaking Stalin's Nose

This fast-paced, wonderfully illustrated book begins with 10-year-old Sasha Zaichick on the eve of his becoming a “Young Soviet Pioneer”. He lives with his father and 46 other people in a communal apartment in Moscow, all sharing a single kitchen and, yes, a single toilet. Later that night, three men in State Security uniforms (and jackboots) come to the apartment, take Sasha’s dad away and tell Sasha that the “state” will come first thing in the morning to pick him up.

Brave Girl

Did you know that there is a Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association? There are so many librarians, around the country, helping to "solve social problems and inequities in order to carry out their mandate to work for the common good and bolster democracy." Each year the Feminist Task Force within the Social Responsibilities Round Table publishes a list, as part of the Amelia Bloomer Project, of some of their favorite books for girls from babies to teens, both fiction and non fiction.

Old Bear

Sometimes a story that is very simple can be brought to life with beautiful illustrations, especially when they are drawn by the author. This way, the book artist can bring their complete vision together in one book. Some of my favorite contemporary illustrations are by Kevin Henkes, who wrote and illustrated, among other books, Old Bear. Old Bear is great for all seasons. The story is very simple. An old bear hibernates and dreams and remembers when he was a young cub, enjoying all the seasons of the wilderness.

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler/E. L. Konigsburg

What a delightful story this is!  From the start you'll find our spunky heroine, Claudia, planning an adventure for herself.  Because of the injustices she feels she's suffered at home, she's decided to run away.  Thinking that her second youngest brother Jamie would be a good companion to take along because he's quiet and occasionally good for a laugh, Claudia decides that they're not just going to run away from home but they are going to run to somewhere:  the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  Claudia is a mastermind when it comes t

Cookies : bite-size life lessons

It can be difficult to explain to young children important life concepts we as adults hope children will be conscious of. For example, how can an adult explain to a child somewhat abstract notions, such as what cooperation, patience, modesty, trustworthiness, optimism, courage, contentment, and what being wise means? Simple. Explain it in terms they understand: cookies.

The One and Only Ivan

Based on a true story, The One and Only Ivan is the tale of a silverback gorilla that lived at the Exit 8 Big Top and Video Arcade for 9855 days (27 years). 27 years in a glass cage with only a tire swing, a baseball, a small plastic pool filled with dirty water and an old TV. 

Back to School Tortoise

This picture book follows a placid-looking tortoise as he gets ready for his first day back at school, with a unique twist. Tortoise is not your average animal getting ready to go back to school. The reader follows along as he walks along to school, imagining all the ways his first day can go awry. But, “as bravely as he could” Tortoise decides to open the door into the classroom. Beyond delightful, this story provides a fresh new look on an old routine. Painted in earthy and neutral tones, the nature settings and even the classroom fade into a quiet background.

Tuck Everlasting

I picked up a copy of Tuck Everlasting on a whim. Being that it is a well known, classic piece of literature I knew the premise of the story, yet Tuck Everlasting still managed to surprise me. The story follows Winnie Foster, a sheltered child, who watches life pass by from behind her gated yard. She wonders what her life would be like, away from her family’s watchful eye, and on sunny days sits in the yard and thinks about running away. On one such day a man dressed in a yellow suit comes to the gate and asks Winnie questions about a family in town.

When You Reach Me

Even though I work with the adult collection here, I still enjoy reading books written for kids - this clever and thought-provoking gem is not to be missed! It’s New York City in the 1970s. Sixth grader Miranda’s best friend, Sal, is ignoring her, her mom is practicing to be on the $20,000 Pyramid game show and she starts getting mysterious notes from someone that knows a lot about her. The notes urge her to prevent a tragedy that is supposed to occur in the future. Who is sending the notes and how can the writer know the future?

Snow Party

As I write this, spring is starting, so it's a funny time to write a review of Snow Party, but it's simply one of my favorite contemporary picture books. Working on the bookmobile in the winter, it was always fun to pick out winter themed picture books for storytimes and I always relished reading this one, which is my favorite snowpeople-starring picture book.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Happy Day! A new Mo Willems book! Three Dinosaurs are -definitely not- setting a trap for Goldilocks in Willem’s inspired spin on the classic Goldilocks & the Three Bears.

The Boy Who Cried Alien

In this fun rhyming twist on the Boy Who Cried Wolf, no one believes Larry the Liar when he tells them a spaceship with two aliens have  landed in Malarkey Lake, that is, until the aliens invade the town!

Three Cups of Tea

“The first cup of tea you are a stranger; the second cup, a friend; and the third cup you’re family.”

It's a Dog's Life

“Do you like dogs? Sure you do. We’re man’s best friend right? But how many of your other best friends lick your face? Lick themselves? Or roll in dead animals?”

Otto The Book Bear

Otto, the bear, lives in a picture book that resides on a bookshelf and is the happiest when his story is shared by the people in the house. When no one is around, Otto comes alive and leaves the book to explore the house. One day the family moves away leaving Otto and the book behind. Feeling very lonely, Otto decides to set out to find a new home. In the big city, Otto feels very small and unhappy around the giant people. Eventually he discovers a public library where he finds a new book, new friends, and new readers.

Homer the Library Cat

Homer, the cat, enjoys living in a quiet house with a quiet lady. One day when the lady is gone, a loud noise scares him so he jumps out the window. Homer sets out to find another quiet place. The post office is too sneezy, the fire station’s bell is too loud, and the railroad station has a locomotive that blows a whistle. When Homer runs into the library, he finally finds a quiet place and the quiet lady. Now Homer becomes the Library cat. This rhyming book will appeal to cat and library lovers and children of all ages.

I'm not a baby

When Leo Leotardi wakes up one day to the sound of his own tummy grumbling and tells Nanny Fanni he is hungry for waffles she replies “Nonsense, you’re just a baby”  and proceeds to feed him oatmeal.

Hello! Hello!

The modern dilemma of too much technology and not enough natural world experience is explored in the nearly wordless picture book Hello! Hello!.

Oh my baby, little one

If you're looking for a book to share with your toddler that helps express how much you love them, even when you have to leave them at preschool, then look no further.  Besides helping a child understand that going to preschool can be an adventure, this expressive picture book also shows how much the mother loves the baby that she leaves behind when she goes to work.  Appelt's captivating illustrations underline the steadfast affection that mother and child have for each other.  You'll want to read this one again and again because every child wants to know their m

Award Winners & Bestsellers

Nobel Prize
2015 Prize in Literature
Svetlana Alexievich

National Book Award

2015 Prize for Fiction
Fortune Smiles
by Adam Johnson

2015 Prize for Nonfiction
Between the World and Me
by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Newbery Medal
2016 award
Last Stop on Market Street

by Matt de la Peña

Caldecott Medal
2016 award
Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear
y Lindsay Mattick, illustrated by Sophie Blackall

Printz Award

2016 award
Bone Gap

by Laura Ruby

New York Times Fiction Bestsellers (top 5 combined print & e-book sales)
The Last Mile
, by David Baldacci
The Obsession
, by Nora Roberts
Stuck-up Suit, by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
Bounty, by Kristen Ashley
The Girl on the Train
, by Paula Hawkins

New York Times Nonfiction Bestsellers (top 5 combined print & e-book sale)
The Rainbow Comes and Goes, by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt
The Sleep Revolution, by Arianna Huffington
When Breath Becomes Air
, by Paul Kalanithi
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates
, by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaegar
Alexander Hamilton
, by Ron Chernow


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