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Staff Recommendations

The haunting of Sunshine girlBy McKenzie, Paige,

Paige Mackenzie is the twenty-year old star of the hit YouTube series, The Haunting of a Sunshine Girl. She films two-minute videos about the paranormal activity in her home. She and her C-list celebrity mother (Mercedes Rose) and some no-name producer have parlayed that into a book and film deal. I watched the first few episodes of Season 1 and was not enthralled, to say the least. Spoiler alert: It's all fake.

The young adult book of the same name, comes as quite a surprise. It's completely entertaining. Sunshine leads a rather insignificant life, unless you count the fact that she's adopted and her mother is one of her best friends. However right after her sixteenth birthday, destiny conspires to move her and her mom from sunny Texas to dreary Washington State. Their new home is creepy. Sunshine struggles to stay warm and to understand the mildew smells and wet carpet patches that come and go, and the unseen hand moving checkers around on the board in her room. She connects with a boy from school, Nolan, drawn to his warm presence despite the gut-lurching nausea she feels every time she touches him. Sunshine begins to unravel the mystery of the spirit in her house with Nolan's help and discovers secrets about her own past. R.L Stine gave his eerie stamp of approval on this book and I think it's well-founded. Mackenzie, with co-author Alyssa Sheinmel, has paced this book perfectly. (Based on my viewing, albeit short-lived, of the Youtube series, I'm guessing that Sheinmel did most of the work.) The Haunting of Sunshine Girl was nearly as thrilling as Anna Dressed in Blood (Kendare Blake), which is singlehandedly the best ghost story I have ever read. I will be looking forward to the next installment.

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By Kristel, Youth & Outreach Services
07/17/15 |
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Just In

Delicious foods : a novelBy Hannaham, James

Hannaham’s book is the engrossing story of a Southern family’s disintegration after the death of husband and father, Nat Hardison. It is narrated by Eddie, the couple’s son, as well as an unusual inanimate character named Scotty, and Eddie’s mother, Darlene, absent both emotionally and physically during much of his childhood, unable to cope with the intense emotional burden, local injustice, and overwhelming grief she experiences when Nat is murdered. Eleven year-old Eddie spends a lot of time with his widowed Aunt Bethella, but at one point he decides to try to find his absent mother. Boldly navigating the seedy underbelly of the streets, Eddie’s path leads him to the horrible prison-like agricultural farming enterprise called Delicious Foods, from which he barely escapes with his life. A bold, harrowing story told with amazing love and respect for its characters.

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