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Staff Recommendations

The Whites : a novelBy Brandt, Harry, 1949-

Crime fiction of the highest order from master Richard Price, writing as Harry Brandt. The action revolves around Sgt. Billy Graves, who back in the day was a member of a tight-knit group of urban crime-fighters known as the Wild Geese. Each member of the old crew has a criminal in his past who got away; the Wild Geese still get together regularly over dinner to talk about their Whites (as in the great white whale in Moby Dick), who are still burning on the cops' radars all these years later. When one of the Whites is found dead, Billy suspects it may be a opportunistic revenge killing. Graves has multiple worries: his night watch leaves him perpetually tired, his wife Carmen is losing it, obsessing over some old deeply-held secret, his father lives with them and has dementia. Now someone seems to be targeting his family. A tightly woven plot weaves together the stories of these cops and their blemished pasts as well as someone named Milton Ramos, a troubled loner with an old grudge. It's an edge-of-your seat cat-and- mouse that will keep you guessing until the very end. Richard Price excels at depicting police squad culture, telling a great story.

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By Susan, Adult Services
05/9/15 | Mystery
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Delicious foods : a novelBy Hannaham, James

Hannaham’s book is the engrossing story of a Southern family’s disintegration after the death of husband and father, Nat Hardison. It is narrated by Eddie, the couple’s son, as well as an unusual inanimate character named Scotty, and Eddie’s mother, Darlene, absent both emotionally and physically during much of his childhood, unable to cope with the intense emotional burden, local injustice, and overwhelming grief she experiences when Nat is murdered. Eleven year-old Eddie spends a lot of time with his widowed Aunt Bethella, but at one point he decides to try to find his absent mother. Boldly navigating the seedy underbelly of the streets, Eddie’s path leads him to the horrible prison-like agricultural farming enterprise called Delicious Foods, from which he barely escapes with his life. A bold, harrowing story told with amazing love and respect for its characters.

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